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Objective Mind

We offer readers the opportunity to stay informed about the issues surrounding the post-Soviet states and to actively take part in this website. We want to achieve these in two ways. First of all, we arrange different background information, along with Country Profiles and Portraits that anyone can use for their own research, in addition to articles. We also offer the possibility to participate as an author by publishing articles.You will be supported by a voluntary editorial team with advice and constructive feedback.

We emphasize the importance to make complex information easily understandable for the general public and not just for a professional audience.



We wish to present as many perspectives and opinions as possible, which go beyond the usual media coverage. This also depends on your participation! People who are looking for a way to gain experience as an author are welcomed. By publishing articles, you will receive constructive feedback from the volunteer editorial staff, as well as other tools that would further develop your skills.

In addition to our goal of promoting young talent, we aim to establish a website that serves as an information hub for the post-Soviet space. It should act as the first point of contact to bundle up the otherwise scattered information on the Internet. Another aspired objective is to be able to contribute to civil education. By this and through our networks, we want to promote, in particular, intercultural awareness and international understanding. Through this website, we hope to encourage the ability to think critically and to examine the existing views with a different perspective.

Why the post-Soviet space?

The states of the former Soviet Union are still a mystery to many people. The general public is usually unaware of the political, economic and social conditions in this region. However, in all areas, many preconceived opinions can be found, most of which are far from reality. In general, this is often a result due to a lack of knowledge. We, therefore, try to address this with the website as we inform about the conditions in the region.

Thereby we are dealing with the following states:

We excluded the Baltic States in this context because they are members of the EU and NATO already. They will be addressed at a later time when our website is more established and we can involve other regions, such as the EU / Europe.

The categories

The topics of the categories Politics, Society, Economy, and Environment should be self-explanatory.

Here, you will find articles which deal critically with the position of countries or institutions towards the countries of the post-Soviet space (Perspectives),

  • Book reviews and event coverage (Insights)
  • Dossiers as well as series on specific topics / events (Dossier)
  • but also reviews of websites and other online publications (E-Notes)

Here, you will find brief portraits of various personalities and organizations of the respective countries.

Country Profiles
Here, you will find an extensive collection of links of various institutions, media, universities, NGOs, and many more in the respective states, additionally several graphics and other information.

Contact with Objective Mind

Contact with the writers

A direct contact between readers and authors will not be possible. The newsroom will not pass on contact information to third parties. Contact is only possible through the newsroom who will then pass messages on to the authors. It is up to the writers themselves, however, to decide whether communication should be done directly or through the newsroom. Emails containing insults or other offensive materials will not be passed on – every critique should be phrased objectively and in a rhetorically appropriate fashion.