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The editorial team
Stefan Bernhardt

  • Functions on a voluntary basis: online editor, project
    management, website management, public relations,

  • Degree in Political Science

  • Interests: Russian domestic and foreign policy

  • Hometown: Berlin

I had the idea for at the end of my studies. Back then, I did not have the experience to realize it. With a lot of my own hardwork and through my various activities in the media, I developed the necessary skills very quickly. Fortunately, I got to know a number of people who were enthusiastic about the idea and put in as much effort needed to implement this website.

At, I am not only online editor in chief; I am taking care of our authors, their articles, and of our homepage, by putting the articles online. In addition, I work on various projects on the website to further develop what it has to offer to the users. Outside of the virtual space, I help to organize different projects, for example in the form of events. I also coordinate our public relations.

My opinion is that offers interesting possibilities. People are offered the opportunity to collect first writing experiences for a broad audience without the need to have any pre-experiences. A chance like this is far too rare. In addition, I realized in the course of my own intensive work on the region, how much a central platform for the post-Soviet space was missing, something that will change with this website.

Marie-Christine Dähn

  • Function on a voluntary basis: online editor, support
    for writers

  • Studying Political Science

  • Interests: he post-Soviet space, European integration,
    political theory, international law

  • Hometown: Fürstenwalde (Spree)

Objective Mind has been founded and built up by Stefan and me. We met while working as part of the online journal / Since I am greatly interested in the post-Soviet space and its politics, too, I was enthusiastic about the project when he told me about it.  I immediately affirmed the question whether I would like to be part of and work for it.

From the beginning I have been involved in the website’s conception and the organization of its structure. Currently, I not only correct and edit texts in my function as online editor, but I also write evaluations for authors with Stefan or try to help them in general. Furthermore, I support the development of the website as well as of projects outside of the digital space.

To my mind, it is essential that OM offers many opportunities: the users can be actively involved at OM as authors, whereby they can improve their writing skills or develop them in the first place, supported by our advice.  Moreover, the website creates a necessary platform for analyses, comments, and background reports about the post-Soviet space; as a result, interested people as well as experts have to spend less of their time for research.

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