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Mikhail Dmitrievitch Prokhorov

Mikhail Dmitrievitch ProkhorovProkhorov

Elections in Russia 2011 / 2012

The protests in Russia have surprised everyone. From December to March tens of thousands of Russian citizens regularly protested against the election fraud as well as against Vladimir Putin's renewed Presidency. Putin was re-elected and was sworn in on May 7. We reexamine the events. A dossier by the OM editorial staff

The Russian people took to the streets with the slogan "For fair elections" and "Down with Putin!". Putin had nothing to fear because of his overall popularity with the population. He returned as the Russian President without any problems. Regardless of whether the survey institute was Kremlin-critical or Kremlin-friendly, Putin was well ahead in the polls. The protests may not reflect the opinion of a large majority which could be dangerous for Putin, nevertheless they are a particularity. It is not only the disadvantaged social class going out on the streets, driven by their dissatisfaction, it is the new Russian middle class with sufficient wages as well as a good education. A middle class that emerged only through the Putin years and benefited the most from the change from Boris Yeltsin to Putin.

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