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Exchange network

The exchange network is an email distribution list for announcements (no discussions) focusing on exchange programs in general, exchange programs of universities, internships, a gap year or similar opportunities.

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  • German

  • English


  • Promotion of exchange between various states

  • Promotion of international understanding

  • Promotion of meeting and communication between nations

  • Promotion of support as well as motivation for exchange programs

Target group

  • Undergraduate or graduate students who are participating, or planning to participate in an exchange program

  • Institutions who are working in the field of exchange programs and who promote exchange programs

  • Educational institutions such as universities, schools, research institutes etc.

  • Programs for interns in foreign countries or voluntary services

Code of conduct

  • This email distribution list is for announcements not for discussions.

  • Any kind of spam, content contrary to law, offenses, and discriminating or racist statements are forbidden.

  • We point out that the sending of private apartment requests or offers, or other contributions with the character of small advertisement as well as commercial advertisement is forbidden.

  • Violating the code of conduct will result in the exclusion from the list.