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Alexei Anatolievich Navalny

Alexei Anatolievich NavalnyNavalny

Bidzina Ivanishvili


  • Prime Minister of Georgia
  • Degree in engineering and economics as well as
  •      a PhD in economics
  • Place of birth: Chorvila
  • Date of birth: February 18, 1965

Out of nowhere, he entered Georgia’s political scene in October 2011. A billionaire, whose wealth exceeds the annual budget of the state, won the parliamentary elections with his newly founded party alliance, the Georgian Dream, in October 2012. By Stefan Bernhardt

Before Bidzina Ivanishvili announced his political ambitions in 2011, he was a businessman who made his fortune in Russia through banking businesses, pharmacies and in the metal industries. According to Forbes, his fortune amounted to 6.4 billion US dollars in 2012. He was the richest man in Georgia, even richer than the state itself, whose projected 2012 revenue is only about 3.8 billion US dollars.

Ivanishvili remained unknown for a long time as a public figure. He avoided the public even though he financed many projects, such as building hospitals and schools as well as supported the Georgian State financially. His political motivation is more of a series of speculations. During his election campaign for the Georgian parliamentary elections, he repeatedly criticized Saakashvili's authoritarian style of government, and said that it is a part of Georgia's problems – unemployment, poverty, stalled reforms. Whether Ivanishvili actually wants to solve the country's problems or harbors selfish ambitions for power is unclear.

The information on Ivanishvili is still rare, although his party alliance, the Georgian Dream, won the parliamentary elections 2012 and although he is already Prime Minister of Georgia. The questions that arise now are if he can and wants not only to solve the problems, but if he – as announced –will use his own fortune. He also announced that after a few years, he would resign from his post when his mission was fulfilled. Whether he will be a presidential candidate in the 2013 presidential elections, although the President will have less power due to a constitutional change, is also still open.


  • 1988: Founded Agroprogres Cooperative, which was later turned into an entrepreneurial company
  • 1990: Founded Russian Credit Bank
  • 1991: Became the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the President of Russian Credit Bank
  • 1996: Founded Cartu Bank

  • 2011: Founded Georgian Dream Social Movement
  • 2012: Founded the party coalition Georgian Dream
  • 2012: Georgian Dream won the parliamentary elections with 54.9 percent of the votes
  • 2012 - today: Prime Minister of Georgia


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